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Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm making an effort to make my blog more reader-friendly, so I'm making a list of posts that have garnered a bit of attention on this blog.


The Basics
These are posts about basic make up skills and techniques, whether it's about choosing colours that match your skin tone or highlighting your face.

Makeup Tutorials

Listed here are some of my favourite makeup tutorials

Other tutorials
This is a list of some other tutorials - some beauty-related, some not - that I loved sharing with everyone.

Pictures of me and my friends

These are just pictures that I posted of me and my friends - a little 'get to know me', if you will.

Contingencies (August 22nd, 2006)

Over the more recent years, my hair has fallen prey to many a hairshow, rash decision and salon demonstration. This post sort of chronicles that 'journey'. Loads of pictures, loads of different hairstyles.

This took me a while... (October 30th, 2007)

This is a picture montage. It was a meme my sister had me do. Shows pictures of me in random places/with weird faces, stuff like that. A fun read.

25 Random Things About Me (February 24th, 2009)

The title says it all.

Ber-random. (May 5th, 2009)

Just some random pictures I posted, from random events ranging all the way from when I was 6 to 2009.

Christmas...the Quak way (27th December, 2009)

You will definitely want to see these pictures, trust me.

I WANT TO EMBARRASS PEOPLE (25th February, 2010)

More pictures of my family caught in very embarrassing expressions/positions/situations  :)

I'll probably add to this post as the suggestions come in, and as I add in new posts. Just click on the 'Top Posts' section on the sidebar to see what's new!

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