Tuesday, August 22, 2006

*edit* Okayyyyy la I edited d laaaa~!!! Scroll down for pics. Enjoy~ :)

So Acmar's prom was Friday night.

Seniors are invited back, so Dave and I made an appearance, along with all the other seniors who weren't in our class. Yes, weren't. The rest of 5S o' 2004 disappeared. But FUH, the number of seniors there, even from 2 years ahead of us, ones I thought I'd never see again~!

Anyway, the night was fun. But when the dancefloor started up, what did my darling littlest sis do? Dump her and her friends' bags with me, and take off to (note this) front and center stage to dance her butt off. While others are on the dancefloor, she's UP on STAGE in FRONT dancing. Aih, my sis, dance ho' extraordinaire.

So I woke up the next morning with the most horrible crick in my neck and an aching back. Aiyo, happiness~! At 9 in the morning we make off to Pyramid (again) for breakfast. Later we meet the CUTEST lil Japanese transfer student. She kept bowing at each of us, WUARGH I wanna pinch her cheeks! Btw, her skin is the fairest pinkiest OMIGOSH skin I have ever seen!!! *jealous* BUT, I didn't get a pic with/of her. Heh, sorry!

Aside from that, my hair is KILLING me. I shall just have it all chopped off. If you laugh at me when you see me, I WILL hurt you. Btw, if I ever even think about going anywhere near a curling iron again, slap me. Hard.

Lemme take u thru the different 'phases' my hair has gone through. And this is only since last year.

This was my hair at the start of the year (2005)

And unfortunately Blogger is potong-ing my stim right now, coz cannot upload pics anymore, so I'll just continue this hair post another time. If I remember to...lolz


Okay I decided to just host the damn pics myself la since Blogger is giving me hell.

Then I curled my hair. I don't like curly hair, just wavy, so yeah, this was a mistake.

So then Acmar's Prom came, and I thought I'd straighten it (temporarily) for old time's sakes.

Then I decided I couldn't stand the curly hair anymore, so I chopped it off :D

Then came the hairshow where I changed my hair like, 3 times in 2 weeks?

Then I just let it grow out, didn't bother trimming or anything. Too traumatized by hairdressers d la wat to do~

Finally it got to a point where I was quite happy with it

So what do I do? Chop it off, of course.

Basically the rest was alternating between growing it out n cutting it short, and I kinda liked my last phase, the last pic where I look damn slap-me-I'm-a-poser, which I assure u I wasn't!! The camera just caught me at the wrong time!! Anyway, even though I liked it, I changed it, AGAIN.

I went CURLY. AGAIN. Even though I swore I never would. Long story lah, u IM me I tell u about it kay. LOL.

So anyway, I got so traumatized by my curly hair, I resorted to wearing it in a ponytail, or rather, a bunnytail la...

...which hid the curls quite well, if I do say so myself~ :p

Then came prom, coincidentally, and I decided to (temporarily) straighten it again. So I fell in love with the straightened hair (honestly cannot tahan myself with curly hair...wavy I still like~), and decided to straighten it.

But of course, I had to go do something else to it right? I cut it. Yes, I did! But soli larh, got no pics to show. But mebbe I can give u an idea as to wat it looks like...

Quote, Yap Yang: SMALL GIRL!!!


Anyway, see I updated. To my law school mates, MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! All the best with finals! After that, we shall PAR-TAYY~!! :D

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